Super Smash Bros. Melee

GameCube (2001)

These ones were fun to get because I’ve played a lot of Melee, but I had never seen most of these errors. I had seen some, including the corrupt save data error, but it’s really neat to me that these errors hide in places where even people who have played the game for hundreds of hours wouldn’t find them unless they looked. The “corrupt snapshot” icon is particularly neat. I appreciate that they handle data corruption on that level gracefully! I can’t imagine many people have ever seen that icon.

I also was able to hide the character I usually use, Pikachu, and the character one of my friends usually uses, yellow Yoshi, in some of the errors, which was fun. Some of my other screenshots have save files named “scout” or things like that. I like having those kinds of easter eggs in my screenshots when I can.