what's bitty bunny?

bitty bunny is my website! while working on pocket’s puzzle, i wanted to make a “studio card” to go before the title screen, because having it boot right up to the title screen felt a little jarring. i’d also wanted a new url for a while, so i got to thinking about what i wanted it to be, and came up with bitty bunny.

who are you?

i’m scout! i like making, learning, thinking, and talking about things (except for when i have to talk about myself). my favorite kinds of making are drawing and programming. my favorite things to learn are languages (not programming languages, real languages). my favorite things to think and talk about are cute things (especially animals) and games. i’d like to get better at making music.

why “bitty bunny” though?

i like how “bitty” and “bunny” line up (b - vowel - double consonant - y), and i like both those words individually, too. i started thinking about “bitty” in the context of my relationship with technology. i’d like to make things that are small and sustainable when it comes to computing, and i like the double meaning of “bitty” as “small” and “made of bits”. i want to keep old hardware alive, and keep my programs working into the future. i want to make games that are playable by people who don’t have gaming computers. i’m interested in the concepts of permacomputing and sustainability in general.

bunnies are the modern dragons. there are all kinds of dragons, because there isn’t exactly an actual creature that dragons are based on. there are fuzzy dragons, scaly dragons, long thin dragons, chubby dragons… you could probably call a lot of things a “dragon” without people thinking it’s too weird. “bunny” is, for some reason, sort of the same, even though rabbits exist. look up some drawings of bunnies! bunnies have paw pads, and lay eggs. they’ve got eyes that aren’t on the sides of their heads. their noses don’t look like rabbits’. but it’s okay, i think those are all fun things about them, and it makes me really like the idea of bunnies as their own kind of thing.

a bunny is like a poem, or art. if you can get someone to consider something you’ve made as art, that’s sort of enough to make it art on its own. same for poetry, and bunnies. next time you’re thinking of something, try thinking about it as if it were a bunny.