pikachu: yellow version - release v1.0!

the title screen of pikachu: yellow version
just like i remember it!

have you ever thought, “this edition could be more special pikachu”? or “this version could be more yellow”? this is the hack for you! everything in this game has become pikachu. please enjoy this silly world!

this is intended to be a collection of exclusively graphical and text changes, and the mechanics of the original game remain intact. if you’ve been wanting to replay the original games, you can use this hack to have the original gameplay experience, but with some added humor. it’s not fully tested - in particular, i haven’t tested link cable functionality with vanilla carts at all.

this patch expects a “Pokémon Yellow” rom with sha1 cc7d03262ebfaf2f06772c1a480c7d9d5f4a38e1. here’s how to play:

  1. download the IPS patch file directly here: pikayellow1.0.ips
  2. go to https://www.romhacking.net/patch/ (or an IPS patching tool of your choice)
  3. choose your “Pokémon Yellow” rom with the “ROM file” button
  4. choose the pikayellow1.0.ips file with the “Patch file” button
  5. click “Apply Patch”

special thanks to Desktop Metaphor for creating the title screen and giving me ideas for the project.

here are some more screenshots!

a screenshot of the intro, with a picture of Pikachu. Oak is saying 'This is my grandson. He's been'
two pikachu face off against each other at the beginning of a trainer battle. the textbox reads: 'PIKACHU wants to fight!'
a collection of pikachu are strolling about in a pika mart.