the sealed wish
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the sealed wish

(11 Apr 2022)

According to legend, a long, long time ago, a Grand Witch found herself in the possession of a wish. A wish is the pinnacle of magic, able to fulfill any desire at all.

But with only one wish, tragically, she couldn’t decide what to wish for. So, she locked it away in a glass case that only she knew how to open. And then, she disappeared.

That case is here, in the castle grounds. Every once in a while someone will come by and try to open it. Usually an emissary of a sick king from a faraway land, that kind of thing.

Since nobody here knows how to open it either, we let them try. The only rule is that you can’t take it off the property. It’s usually in the training grounds, because it makes a good target dummy. It’s basically untouchable, and if you do somehow break it, well then, you’ve got yourself a wish.